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X International Industrial Forum

X International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building


Information for visitors

Dear guest!

In order to gain maximum results from visiting the exhibition we recommend you to plan your work beforehand. First of all you should define clear goals of your visit and make a plan of your work. Decide which tasks you pose, what you are looking for, what should be done primarily, etc.

Acquainted yourself with the subjects of exhibition and kind of activity of participants in advance. You may find detailed information about participants and exposition plan at the exhibition Web-site. If there is no information in easy access, apply to the organizers.

Acquainted yourself with the plan of events during exhibition. Choose events that are the most interest for you. Plan your time so that it was enough to work with participants at the stands and to visit business program event. 
Make business appointments at the exhibition in advance. Decide what companies are the most interest for you, contact them and come to agreement about time and subject of negotiations.

Acquainted yourself with the route map beforehand. Choose the most suitable route for you.

Acquainted yourself with the infrastructure of exhibition hall of WTC Chelyabinsk beforehand. Find out where you can park a car, use a copy machine or fax, go to the Internet, order a translator, print some materials and etc. This can make you feel confidence and solve your tasks efficiently. 

Fill the pre-registration form online at the web-site. This saves you from standing in queue to check in at the entrance of the exhibition and save your time. 
Online registration

Visit the exhibition together with your colleagues. Identify the individual work plan for each of your colleague. So you can significantly increase the number of business contacts and visit more events.

Use the exhibition catalogue and guide. The catalogue usually contains alphabetical list of participants, description of sphere of their activities and contact information. In the exhibition guide you can find exposition plan showing location of the stands and exhibition program. 
You can get the catalogue at the stand of Organization Committee.

Apply to organizers if you have any question. They will help you to find a company which you are interested in and explain how to get to the necessary stand or event. 

Use the exhibition not only as a convenient place to negotiate with participants but to meet your clients, partners or colleagues. You can make an appointment in Business center which is a specially equipped business zone at the exhibition. Besides Congress and exhibition hall of WTC Chelyabinsk possesses comfortable cafes and restaurants.

Use the working hours of the exhibition from beginning to end. Often business meetings can be organized before and after the working day of the exhibition.

Additional advices:
  • In order not to miss the exhibition make an appropriate note to your planning
  • Make reservation in hotel and for flight ticket in advance if you visit an exhibition in other city
  • Take a sufficient amount of your visiting cards
  • After visiting the exhibition pay special attention to processing and analyzing obtained data and keeping the established contacts.