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X International Industrial Forum

X International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building



On November, 28 the Government of Chelyabinsk region, the Strategic Initiatives Agency and the Russian venture company approved the project of the road map aimed at the development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative (STI) and the "RF Digital Economy" programme until 2019.
The preparations for the tenth International Industrial Forum have begun

The presentation of the Ninth International Industrial Forum and “Urals Industrial Economic Week” exhibition will be at the “Russian Industrial Forum” in 22-23 of March in Ufa. Russian industrial forum in Ufa is supported by...


Informational documents in chinese are prepared now. You will see it by clicking on this topic link.


The Association of the Defence Industrial Complex enterprises is becoming a partner of the Forum as the organizer of...


The program of the conference "Industrial wastes and municipal solid wastes and it's recycling. Modern tendencies and ecological aspects“ was formed.


Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH is the official partner of the project.


SMS-Group - The General Sponsor of IX International industrial Forum and 17-th International exhibition UIEW (Urals Industrial Economic Week)


Invitations to the participation in the Forum and the UIEW-2017 were made at the 22-nd International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo 2016" in Moscow.


The preparations for the Ninth international industrial Forum "Reconstruction of industrial enterprises - breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building" and the17th "Urals industrial and economic week" get started.