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X International Industrial Forum

X International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building

Exhibitors' reviews

Prof. Pino Tese
Prof. Pino Tese
Executive Vice-President of SMS group

Dear participants of the Eighth International industrial Forum!

It was great pleasure for us to accept the invitation of the organizing committee to participate in the International industrial Forum and all its events again.

Despite the difficult political and economical boundary conditions, SMS group completed in December 2014 the investment program for the service workshop and the technology centre in Chelyabinsk.

The network with the cooperation partners in the Ural Region has also been extended, in particular with South Ural State University for the promotion of university-trained junior staff.

We wish all the participants of Forum and the organizing committee good luck!

Heiner Röhrl
Heiner Röhrl
CEO of Primetals Technologies Austria and Member of the Primetals Technologies Board

Highly respected participants and guests

of the 8th international industrial Forum!

I’m very pleased having the possibility to greet you from the welcome page from the official Forum catalogue!

First of all let me thank from the bottom of my heart the hospitable organisor of this very important event, traditionally taking place in Chelyabinsk.

At the present time we are experiencing the most difficult period not only for the iron and steelmaking but for all industrial branches. The days of rapid economy growth have been passed and we have to adjust to more moderate expectations in the near future.

Nevertheless Russia still remains the country with the biggest population in Europe as well as the biggest exporter of raw materials and energy resources. The potential for industrial development for Russia as the biggest country in the World remains with huge capabilities.

It should be stated that Russia is not facing a crisis but a transition phase which is necessary to overcome to achieve a new level of industrial and economic maturity.

I’m sure the difficult circumstances will encourage searching of the most brilliant and cost-efficient solutions, market niches for new and in-demand products, methods of implementation of energy-saving and environmental technologies which add powerful momentum to renewal, development and prosperity.

On this occasion, I would like to express gratitude for the long-lasting and reliable cooperation to our partners and customers in the Russian Federation. I’d like to invite you having a dialogue, dynamic discussions of our mutual tasks and please share your views and ideas with us.

On behalf of Primetals Technologies Austria I would like to wish you a fruitful work at this International Industrial Forum! In these challenging days we are ready for a close partnership.

Fedor Degtyarev
Fedor Degtyarev
President of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Subjects of the issues, discussed at the forum, are relevant not only to the regions of Russia, but also to foreign countries. Any metallurgical and machine building production in time needs modernization and introduction of advanced technologies.

Industrial Forum and the accompanying exhibition events are an important tool for the development of business relations, stimulating industrial production, the creation of a favorable investment climate. This is a place for those who come up with innovations, and those who believe in their future. But it is pointless talk about the future if you do not change present, and in this regard, the business program of the forum, which provides discussion of the most acute problems of the industry and the search for their solutions, has attracted considerable interest among the participants.

I am sure that within the forum participants will share professional experience and advanced ideas. And your initiatives will be in demand in practice.

In turn, the South Ural Trade Industrial Bureau, as an effective intermediary between business and government, is ready to render all possible assistance in promoting business initiatives, developed at the forum, and their implementation.

Congratulations to the participants and guests of the Eighth International Industrial Forum with the opening, I wish you all effective discussions, achievement of concrete results, interesting negotiations.

Artem Artemyev
Artem Artemyev
Chairman of Chelyabinsk regional branch All-Russian Public Organization Of small and medium business “OPORA RUSSIA”

Dear friends!

The Eighth International Industrial Forum "Reconstruction of industrial enterprises - breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building" and the 16th International Exhibition "Urals Industrial and Economic Week" have become significant and notable events in the region.

Industry is the basis of the Chelyabinsk region economy. Enterprises of this sphere can become leaders not only in Russia but also in the international markets only through modernization, investment and mutual exchange of experience area businesses

"OPORA RUSSIA" has always insisted on the development and strengthening of cooperation of large and small businesses. It keeps and strengthens the economy of any region.

Forum is a great opportunity for small businesses to find their partner, learn about the needs of the industrial giants, that can be done by small companies.

I am sure that the agreement, achieved at the Forum, will serve as the basis for long-term partnership of all participants.

Aleksey Yuhachev
Aleksey Yuhachev
Regional director OO “Chelyabinsky” of Urals branch PJSC Promsvyazbank

Dear participants!

Chelyabinsk region is one of the most advanced and progressive Russian regions. It is important to strengthen the position of Chelyabinsk region as attractive for living and doing business. The modernization of metallurgical and machine-building production, improvement of technology innovation, attracting investment, as well as the development of international and interregional contacts will contribute to it.

Chelyabinsk hi-tech companies should rapidly enter the global markets, and business should be active participant in international economic cooperation. Promsvyazbank is ready to contribute to these processes, to find the most profitable financial solutions for business growth and the implementation of plans, both in the short and long term.

In this regard, it is necessary to maximize the opportunities of industrial forum as of the site that has a lot of experience of major industry exhibitions with international participation and deservedly enjoyed the attention of representatives of large companies and business elite.

I am sure that the Forum will provide to the companies wide opportunities to find new forms of cooperation, demonstrating the best achievements and developments, will contribute for increasing investment activity, the creation of knowledge-based industries, the promotion of domestic products, which, in turn, positively affect the development as the Chelyabinsk region, and country.

I wish all participants and visitors of a forum of interest effective meetings, establishing long-term contacts and success in future activity!

Sergey Ovchinnikov
Sergey Ovchinnikov
President of World Trade Center Chelyabinsk

Dear participants of the Eighth International Industrial Forum “Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building” and the 16th International exhibition “Ural industrial and economic week”!

Once again, Chelyabinsk welcomes representatives of the leading metallurgical and machine-building enterprises from Russia and other countries. The experience of the previous meetings let us anticipate new effective business-contacts and constructive exchange of views on the key problems of heavy industry development.

Metallurgical complex in Chelyabinsk region traditionally determines the dynamics and quality of industrial growth. Also implementation of the long-term development objectives directly depends on this complex. It is obvious that industry needs modernization of companies, launching of the new technologies and attracting additional investments. The growth of workers’ and engineers’ qualification is the key direction in competitiveness rising.

The forum and exhibition are aimed to combine efforts of domestic manufacturers in building new competitive strategies, implementation of energy-efficient technologies and building an innovative development model based on the latest scientific research results.

I am sure that participation in this Forum will give Russian and foreign companies the opportunity to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation, summarize existing experience, establish new business contacts and will serve to further consolidation and development of partnerships.

I would like to wish the participants and guests of the Forum effective work and success in realization of the most daring projects!

Sergey Smolnikov
Sergey Smolnikov
Minister of Economic Development Of Chelyabinsk region

Dear participants and guests of the International industrial forum and exhibition!

On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development of Chelyabinsk region, I’m glad to welcome You at the Eighth International industrial forum “Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building” and at the 16th “Urals Industrial and Economic Week”.

Every year Forum and Exhibition keep the significance and relevance. This project has already proved its worth as the discussion platform. The actual issues of the industrial sector development not only of Russian economy, but also of foreign countries one, are discussed within the Forum.

The participants of conferences and round tables will concentrate on the actual issues of import-substitution, energy saving, industrial safety, ecology, and on the prospects of the world markets development in the main sectors of industry of our region – metallurgy and machine-building.

I’m sure, that the Forum will act the raise of the investment activity, the development of international economic cooperation, national product promotion. It is supposed that it will be very helpful not only for the development of region, but also for the whole country.

Wish You all the planned events are going affluently and with great efficiency.

Good luck!

Vladimir Myakush
Vladimir Myakush
Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region

Dear friends!

On behalf of members of Chelyabinsk region Legislative Assembly I would like to welcome participants and guests of the Eighth International Industrial Forum “Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building”!

For Chelyabinsk region metallurgy and machine-building are the basic branches of industry, the development of these branches direct industry’s social and economic status. Nowadays modernization of industry is impossible without the reconstruction of enterprises and adoption of the high innovation technologies to the production. As a result, the topic of the Forum is of great interest at the current economic terms.

I’m sure that the events of the Forum give to its participants opportunities for sharing their best experience and getting new information about technological achievements, choose the optimal decisions for the following development of the production. The specialized exhibitions will be effective addition to the Forum. This is a good opportunity for the business networking with the Russian and foreign partners, for informing about the definite technologies of the current market.

I wish to all the participants of the Forum good work, tightening of partnership and effective business decisions!

Igor Holmanskih
Igor Holmanskih
Russian Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Ural Federal District

Dear friends!

The development of industry is the foundation of the Russian economy, and metallurgy and machine-building are its basic qualities!

The most important conditions for ensuring sustainable growth could be the development of more effective mechanisms of enterprises’ functioning, dynamic modernization of production, strengthening the work on import substitution products.

Consideration of these issues at the congress and exhibition area of Chelyabinsk - Russia's industrial heart - provides an excellent opportunity for event’s participants to exchange views, share experiences and possibilities for solving such problems as increasing the efficiency of production, increase in production capacity, the development of domestic and foreign markets, attracting investment.

I wish all exhibitors and visitors new success, effective work, long-term contracts, health and prosperity!

Boris Dubrovsky
Boris Dubrovsky
The Governor of the Chelyabinsk region

Dear participants and guests of the Forum!

Let me welcome you at the Eighth International industrial Forum “Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building” and at the XVI “Urals Industrial and Economic Week”.

I’m very glad that the Forum has already become the traditional event in the life of the region and has engaged the leading Russian enterprises and foreign countries of the industrial sector in an official capacity.

Metallurgy and machine-building are the foundation of the regional economy, that’s why it is important to concentrate on the new technical decisions, to discover the new points of increase, to introduce innovation technologies and to modernize the main productive assets of enterprises.

On the South Ural the possibilities of the transport logistic extremely expanded with the launch of TLC “Yuzhnouralskiy”.

The subprogramme “Development of industry of Chelyabinsk region for 2016-2018 years” was developed.

Chelyabinsk region is considered to be the region of the realization of ways of industrial sector development on the base of cluster initiatives. Close cooperation ties between the enterprises in industrial cluster lead to the positive synergistic effects; therefore success of one enterprise can’t be separated from the whole success of cluster.

Nowadays in the region cluster initiatives are developed, activity of which is connected with tourism, machine-building, crane-building, tool engineering and nuclear medicine.

This Forum and its specialized exhibitions open up new opportunities for the strengthening of international and interregional closer cooperation.

I wish all the participants of the Forum effective work, proposals of interest, financial solvency and confident decisions!