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X International Industrial Forum

X International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building

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30 Ноября 2017

Chelyabinsk region became one of the first to prepare and confirm the "Road Map" for STI development

On November, 28 the Government of Chelyabinsk region, the Strategic Initiatives Agency and the Russian venture company approved the project of the road map aimed at the development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative (STI) and the "RF Digital Economy" programme until 2019.

01 Ноября 2017

The preparations for the tenth International Industrial Forum have begun

The preparations for the tenth International Industrial Forum have begun

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Boris Dubrovsky
Boris Dubrovsky
The Governor of the Chelyabinsk region

Dear participants and guests of the Forum!

Let me welcome you at the Eighth International industrial Forum “Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine-building” and at the XVI “Urals Industrial and Economic Week”.

I’m very glad that the Forum has already become the traditional event in the life of the region and has engaged the leading Russian enterprises and foreign countries of the industrial sector in an official capacity.

Metallurgy and machine-building are the foundation of the regional economy, that’s why it is important to concentrate on the new technical decisions, to discover the new points of increase, to introduce innovation technologies and to modernize the main productive assets of enterprises.

On the South Ural the possibilities of the transport logistic extremely expanded with the launch of TLC “Yuzhnouralskiy”.

The subprogramme “Development of industry of Chelyabinsk region for 2016-2018 years” was developed.

Chelyabinsk region is considered to be the region of the realization of ways of industrial sector development on the base of cluster initiatives. Close cooperation ties between the enterprises in industrial cluster lead to the positive synergistic effects; therefore success of one enterprise can’t be separated from the whole success of cluster.

Nowadays in the region cluster initiatives are developed, activity of which is connected with tourism, machine-building, crane-building, tool engineering and nuclear medicine.

This Forum and its specialized exhibitions open up new opportunities for the strengthening of international and interregional closer cooperation.

I wish all the participants of the Forum effective work, proposals of interest, financial solvency and confident decisions!