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X International Industrial Forum

X International Industrial Forum

Reconstruction of industrial enterprises – breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building

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30 Ноября 2017

Chelyabinsk region became one of the first to prepare and confirm the "Road Map" for STI development

On November, 28 the Government of Chelyabinsk region, the Strategic Initiatives Agency and the Russian venture company approved the project of the road map aimed at the development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative (STI) and the "RF Digital Economy" programme until 2019.

01 Ноября 2017

The preparations for the tenth International Industrial Forum have begun

The preparations for the tenth International Industrial Forum have begun

Reviews forum

Fedor Degtyarev
Fedor Degtyarev
President of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Subjects of the issues, discussed at the forum, are relevant not only to the regions of Russia, but also to foreign countries. Any metallurgical and machine building production in time needs modernization and introduction of advanced technologies.

Industrial Forum and the accompanying exhibition events are an important tool for the development of business relations, stimulating industrial production, the creation of a favorable investment climate. This is a place for those who come up with innovations, and those who believe in their future. But it is pointless talk about the future if you do not change present, and in this regard, the business program of the forum, which provides discussion of the most acute problems of the industry and the search for their solutions, has attracted considerable interest among the participants.

I am sure that within the forum participants will share professional experience and advanced ideas. And your initiatives will be in demand in practice.

In turn, the South Ural Trade Industrial Bureau, as an effective intermediary between business and government, is ready to render all possible assistance in promoting business initiatives, developed at the forum, and their implementation.

Congratulations to the participants and guests of the Eighth International Industrial Forum with the opening, I wish you all effective discussions, achievement of concrete results, interesting negotiations.